Chorale Members

– Bryan Waznik        Piano – Aniello Barone

Karen Blakeney
Shirley Cornwell
Terri Covington
Kathy Hutchinson
Rhejeana Mitchell
Kathy Parrott
Deanna Perry*
Kathy Stayton
Lucinda Kincaid

Kathy Bishop
Leslie Bostick
Brenda Dawson
Felicity Eward
Emily Heard
Kathy Lassiter
Nelanie Olmstead
Karen Sebby
Ginny Shapiro
Annie Williams
Nancy White*

Rick Dawson
Phil Henley
Nathan Smith*

Mark Miles
Jim Nowark
Doug Rottering
Harvey Shapiro

*Denotes Section Leader

VACANT: The Chorale is also pleased to announce the selection of XXXXXXXXXXXX as accompanist for the Jacomo Chorale. 

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