Chorale Members

Music Director
– Bryan Waznik        Accompanist – David Laurence

Sandra Chuning
Shirley Cornwell
Kathy Hutchinson
Paula Sue Keller
Lucinda Kincaid
Deanna Perry
Marilyn West

Kathy Bishop
Brenda Dawson
Barb Gondran
Karen Sebby
Nancy White

Rick Dawson
Phil Henley
H. Alan Smith
Nathan Smith

Mark Miles
Roger Oatman
Denny Young

The Chorale is also pleased to announce the selection of David Laurence as accompanist for the Jacomo Chorale.  Dave Laurence has been an organist and pianist since the 9th-grade.  He continues to teach high-school math after more than 35 years.  He enjoys cooking and gardening in his spare time.

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