About Us

JACOMO Chorale Mission Statement  

The Jacomo Chorale endeavors to serve our community by sharing a wide variety of choral music through quality performances while welcoming singers of varying ages, diverse backgrounds, and from various skill levels. While upholding high standards of musical excellence, we celebrate our community, region, and country by bringing people together across generational, social and economic boundaries.

About Us

The Jacomo Chorale has been serving the Kansas City Metropolitan Community since 1983.

There are several people that make the Chorale all that it is including our Music Director, Bryan  Waznik, and our Accompanist, David Laurence. A list of our members is on our members page. For a list of our Chorale officers, click here.

The Jacomo Chorale is a not for profit organization (501c3) serving the community through our performances. Contributions to the JACOMO Chorale are tax deductible. For a list those who have contributed to the JACOMO Chorale organization, click here.

Our name may sound “unique” to you, if you’re not familiar with the Kansas City area, but it’s really quite simple.  We took the first two letters from our location, JAckson COunty and added MO, which is the state abbreviation for Missouri, JACOMO.

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