About Us

JACOMO Chorale Mission Statement  

Making music can be a joy to those sharing in the gift, both as listeners and as singers.  By combining our efforts, we can keep alive the great compositions of the past and also introduce new literature to our audiences.  Music speaks to the soul and is an uplifting, international language to all.  Keeping this particular fine art in the fore-front appears unimportant in our educational future.  The chorale strives for musical excellence, and a pure enjoyment in delighting our audiences with a wide variety throughout each season.

About Us

The Jacomo Chorale has been serving the Kansas City Metropolitan Community since 1983.

There are several people that make the Chorale all that it is including our Artistic Director, Marvin G. Byas, IV, our Collaborative Pianist, Vacant. A list of our membership  is on our members page. For a list of our Chorale officers, click here.

The Jacomo Chorale is a not for profit organization (501c3) serving the community through our performances. Contributions to the JACOMO Chorale are tax deductible. For a list those who have contributed to the JACOMO Chorale organization for this season, click here.

Our name may sound “unique” to you, if you’re not familiar with the Kansas City area, but it’s really quite simple.  We took the first two letters from our location, JAckson COunty and added MO, which is the state abbreviation for Missouri, JACOMO.

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